Switch to Space 2 – VEOWARE’s keynote

Veoware gave a keynote at a major Belgian space event for young professionals.

The panellists of the Topic, along with Sen. Tilmans at Chalet des Iles.

Credit: Francois de Ribaucourt

Last week, we were delighted to participate in the Switch to Space 2 conference organised by Senator Dominique Tilmans. The topic where VEOWARE intervened on the 13th of October 2020 was called « NewSpace, a new way to do business in space », chaired by Mohammad Iranmanesh and Thierry du Pré-Werson. Panellists included Walter Peeters, Oliver Dupont, Nicolas Helssen, and Guerric de Crombrugghe.

Julien, our CEO, presented VEOWARE’s perspective on NewSpace. Some key elements presented included the change of the paradigm of space actors – old space used to launch big satellites one by one, whereas new space is centred around the launch of small sat constellations. Satellites are now manufactured in batches, launches occur every month, sub systems are mass produced and overall, it is now ok to fail… and start again. ?

Download the full presentation here.

As pointed out during Julien’s talk, we’re not the only start ups in the space sector. Belgium’s rich space start up ecosystem also includes Scanworld (Guerric and Julien pictured below) and AerospaceLab.

Our space start up leaders, Julien and Guerric. Credit: Francois de Ribaucourt

The other panellists echoed the ideas on which we built VEOWARE – it’s time to have scaleable products, built on a foundation of excellence in science and technology, produced in mass to cut costs. Our vision is thus completely in line with ESA’s strategy of Space 4.0 and the EC’s Space policy.
We were very grateful to YouSpace for the opportunity to have participated in Switch to Space 2 as we were able to leverage the event to have business introduction meetings with potential partners, organise an interview, and exchange with students on possible internships and masters thesis opportunities that we have recently posted on our website.

Finally, we were delighted to showcase our product, the VEOCMG module, which is now in the process of being tested. Seeing the interest that our product generates in students and seasoned professionals make us proud to bring a game changing product to the space world.

VEOCMG Module, manipulated live by students. Credit: Francois de Ribaucourt

As mentioned to the students, we are also hiring. Our team of almost 10 people is in constant growth, and we are looking for people who are not averse to taking risks. Our team members are encouraged to test their own ideas and our organisation is not hemmed by a cumbersome organisational structure. Are you ready for your new challenge? Send us your CV at jobs@veoware.space

We’re now looking forward for the next edition of Switch to Space, to which we are planning to come as an even bigger team!

Maud and Julien, members of our growing Business development team with the VEOCMG (all ready to go to space). Credit: Francois de Ribaucourt

A special thank you to Francois de Ribaucourt for his photos, available at the following link: www.gravity.industries, Instagram : @aerospace_and_industries