microCMG In-Orbit Demonstration

Today we reached another milestone: we have signed an agreement with D-Orbit for the In-Orbit Demonstration mission 🛰️ of our flagship ACS technology: the micro Control Moment Gyroscope. Our microCMG will be aboard D-Orbit’s OTV, ION Satellite Carrier, scheduled for launch in early 2023! 🚀

Why satellite operators want to use VEOWARE’s microCMG?

Because it improves their smallsat PRODUCTIVITY. 🦾
– For Earth Observation, our microCMG enables satellites to analyze more zones or have a larger swath and even spend more time downlinking data, enabling shorter response time for decision makers. According to our estimations, each satellite equipped with a set of microCMG can double or triple the revenues they generate simply by covering more grounds in a shorter timeframe. Additionally, this could also lead to diversification of downstream applications as more qualitative data would be available on the market.

– For Laser communication, our microCMG offers a reduced & more predicable micro-vibration environment, enabling a better link between terminals.

– For Space Situational awareness as well as more demanding applications such as In-orbit servicing, manufacturing and assembly of large structures in space, the microCMG will significantly improve the agility of spacecrafts to maneuver and perform their inspections or handling assets.

We are bringing next-gen AGILITY to space.