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VEOWARE proposes a "Satellite Leasing" business model inviting its customers to focus on their assets operation rather than on their new satellite financing campaign. Developing its own satellite constellation, VEOWARE will offer to lease satellite time to its customers, providing them with essential imagery capacity.

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We offer Sun Synchronous imagery capacity for your projects to complete faster at similar illumination conditions with morning and afternoon opportunities


We offer below 50 cm Ground Sampling Distance, true resolution in Panchromatic & 4 bands Multi-Spectral and high agility up to max 30 degree off-nadir.


We offer a fast track tasking & delivery for your capacity, allowing for less than few hours response time and up to few minutes delivery time.


We offer to simplify the tasking when it comes to evaluate, book, and activate your capacity

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We bring Space at Reach to everyone, everyday.

We belong to the ones who set their sights high, the ones who “Go Big or Go Home”. We look for people who don’t keep quiet when they disagree with something, people who get bored easily and need to shift jobs a lot. Status-quo is not an option. We strive to be multidimensional, combining technical depth with business savvy and creative flair.
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Julien Tallineau

“I created VEOWARE to bring satellite imagery down to Earth, for everyone, everyday!” Julien is a physics engineer from background. Specialized in aerospace, he worked on small satellites and payload for more than 5 years and evolved as Business Development Manager. Frustrated about the gap between the space industry and the rest of the world, he created VEOWARE SPACE
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Julien Demonty

“I created VEOWARE to make the space sector more accessible to all, our long term vision is more than only commercializing space imagery” Julien is a physics engineer from background with a broad education ranging from nuclear physics, general relativity, mechanics, optics, numerical analysis, or thermodynamics. Combined with various non-space engineering and project management experiences, he leads the technology development.
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Strategy, Finance & Partnerships
Joerg, CEO, JKIC, Germany, has been involved in numerous international activities in both space (e.g. RapidEye) and early-stage equity finance since 1987. Venture capitalist in the early 1990s, he serves as board member of several high-tech startups and investment vehicles. JKIC is an Independent Space Business & Finance Advisory firm founded in 1992). Joerg acts as chief advisor and coach to VEOWARE since the beginning.
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Jane Smith

Space Law & EO Data Legal framework
Dr. Jane Smith, Professor, Institute of Space Policy and Law, London, trained and qualified as a legal practitioner (Solicitor) in Scotland, working in private practice and government, with subsequent experience in France and at EC level, before relocating to Germany. Board Member of the International Institute of Space Law and is a longstanding member of the European Centre of Space Law.
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Gunter Schreier

EO Data Downlink & Processing & Copernicus Coordination
Gunter Schreier, Deputy Director, DLR Remote Sensing Data Centre, Germany, serves at DLR since 1985, among others as Head of the Technology Transfer unit and team leader for establishing the ESA Processing and Archiving Center. Founding Vice President Geomatics for Definiens (eCognition, now Trimble, 2000-2003) and has worked as national expert at the Joint Research Center of the European Commission.
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Adrian Zevenbergen

EO Imaging Business & Market
Adrian Zevenbergen, CEO, European Space Imaging, Germany, has 25 years of experience in the Earth Observation business. He was involved in leading Space Imaging Middle East in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, since 1997. He held several senior commercial positions with pioneering imaging satellite operators such as Space Imaging and EOSAT. He has been European Space Imaging’s CEO since 2003.
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Claudia Kessler

Space Workforce Development & Recruitment
Claudia Kessler, CEO, HE Space, Germany, has 20+ years of experience of working in the space industry. She was made CEO of HE Space in 2008. Successfully managing its business in Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and the US, she is also active in the Space Education and Outreach Committee and the Young Professional Programme Committee of the IAF
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Paul Kamoun

EO Imaging Business & End-Users
Engineer from Ecole Superieure d’Electricité in Paris with a Ph.D. in Earth and Planetary Sciences from the MIT, Paul joined the European Space Agency, where he was Responsible for Microwave Payloads for Future Earth, Planetary and Astronomy Missions. In 1988, THALES ALENIA SPACE in Cannes where he was Director of European Business. He was the former chairman of EARSC


Seven billion people, one planet, and an infinity of empty space still to explore. We believe in big dreams, creating the momentum that pushes us forward. We are the pioneers, staring at the stars from below, watching the Earth from above, shaping a broader future through technology and inspiration. Every single day, we bridge the gaps and bring Space closer to you. Because we are thinking ahead, just like you.

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