Veoware Technology

Scalable by design, low power, low microvibrations, 10x maneuvering agility

Next generation space technology

VEOWARE developed a micro Control Moment Gyroscope (CMG) empowering Earth Observation satellites from 50 up to 500kg with next gen agility. Compared to reaction wheels, the CMG will enable small sats to gain 10 times more manoeuvring agility. For Earth Observation this means satellites will be empowered to analyse more zones, have a larger swath (= area imaged on the surface) and even spend more time downlinking data. 

CMGs will become a game changer for satellite operators as they can optimise revenues by generating state-of-the-art image collections, reorienting the satellite to analyse zones that are not shaded by clouds, enable more downstream applications with better quality data and getting access to the required data much faster.

This technology has been de-risked over multiple technology development contracts with the European Space Agency (ESA).

& scalable

Our scalable standard products address our customer’s needs rapidly and they no longer need to wait for custom-made solutions.
Plug & Play

VEOWARE provides a turnkey solution including the software to steer any CMG cluster, making it easy-to-use for any attitude control system.

Ultra High Torque

VEOWARE CMGs offer 10x higher torque than traditional technology (i.e. reaction wheels), therefore empowering satellite with next gen manoeuvring agility (ability to change orientation quickly).


Modularity offers enormous flexibility in the amount of modules in a cluster and the configuration/orientation of each unit within the ACS cluster without changing anything to the product.

truck fast delivery
Short Lead Times

Delivery of less than 6 months thanks to a COTS-based design and a well-managed inventory and the continuous focus on optimisation of the production processes.

low battery
Low Power Consumption

Compared to Reaction Wheels, CMGs have very low peak power consumption due to constant flywheel speed.

Low micro-vibrations

With constant flywheel speed, CMGs offer increased stability with low and predictable micro-vibrations. 


Thanks to the modular design, VEOWARE CMGs are standardised products with a lean and stable supply chain.

arrows maximize

VEOWARE technology is scalable-by-design which facilitates a full product portfolio being based on similar components.  

In house R&D and solid partnerhips

VEOWARE’s team has a wide range of capabilities, including but not limited to structural and thermal design and analysis, power electronics design, analog electronics design, advanced control algorithms, space qualification testing, space hardware manufacturing and project management. 

These capabilities spring from experience on previous projects with the European Space Agency as well as from prior experience in different industries. We always seek the best approach combining in-house knowledge with external expertise to maximise innovation. 

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