Fully integrated reaction wheel unit for high performance satellite attitude control for satellite missions with mission lifetime of minimum 5 years. 
Designed and manufactured by Space Inventor.

Key features

Designed to Last
State-of-the-art design, low magnetic residual, very high radiation shielding, redundant windings, firmware upgrades in space. The rotor is axially suspended between two hybrid ceramic high precision bearings chosen for long life and low friction in extreme conditions.
High Torque, Low Volume, Low Power
Providing a Momentum capacity of 1Nms and offering a torque up to 1 Nm, with a mass of 1.2 kg and volume 109 x 109 x 42.5 mm³. Power consumption optimized for less than 3 W at nominal momentum.
Space Heritage
Based on technology with accumulated space heritage from multiple missions.
Low Microvibrations
Very low microvibrations enabling fine pointing accuracy.

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