Large satellites have used this state-of-the-art actuator technology for decades to enable high-agility missions. 
We have miniaturized this technology with the European Space Agency for small satellites applications and made it modular & scalable. 
Our Control Moment Gyroscopes are now in orbit since April 2023 and offer 10X performance compared to traditional reaction wheels, inclduing internal CMG gimbal management to avoid singularity avoidance. 
What is a Control Moment Gyroscope? 
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Key features

Plug & Play
VEOWARE provides a turnkey solution including the software to steer any CMG cluster, making it easy-to-use for any attitude control system.
High Power Efficiency
Each module is using less than 11 W / Nm power efficiency compared to 50 W / Nm for a reaction wheel.
Singularity Avoidance
Internal CMG gimbal management to avoid singularities providing a spherical momentum envelope.
Ultra High Torque / Low Volume
0.7 Nms Momentum capacity with 1.1 Nm Torque fitting into a 97 x 97 x 189 mm³ volume. This performance is 10X a traditional reaction wheel.
Space Heritage
First CMG in-orbit since April 2023, second CMG in-orbit since November 2023.
Low Microvibration
5 years lifetime with microvibrations migitation for high pointing stability missions. Microvibration test report available upon request.

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