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We are Hiring!!!

As a business, we focus on providing our customers with a new range of innovative products that are scalable by design. Our first mission will enable satellite to gain significantly more agility, helping our customers complete their projects faster than ever before.

We hire people who are not averse to taking risks we do not hold back our employees in any way when those risky initiatives fail. We don’t hire people for a specific task and we are not hemmed in by role definition or organizational structure. Our team members are encouraged to test their own ideas. We are looking for people who don’t keep
quiet when they disagree with something, people who get bored easily and need to discover and learn a lot. We aim at hiring people who are multidimensional, combining technical depth with business savvy and creative flair.

In our industry, such a person is most likely an engineer able to cover any disciple of hardware and software development,  a people person able to build relationships and trust with customers, a communicative artist able to make our brand flourish thought content and public outreach, or an organised manager able to handle our administration, projects, accounting, and team spirit!   We however do not limit the profile of applicants – you can be a doctor, airline pilot, designer, athlete, scientist, filmmaker, engineer, chef, mathematicians, etc.



VEOWARE is currently developing its next generation spaceflight avionics for the CMG (Control Momentum Gyroscope). A part of this exciting challenge is the industrialization of our design and processes. You will be designing and constructing automated test equipment, improving our avionics design, processes and libraries. During the student job experience you will have the opportunity to explore the following topics :

  • Electronics design practices in the space industry
  • Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS)
  • Motor control
  • Design for Testability (DfT), Design for Manufacturing (DfM)
  • Testing automation


An on-going bachelors or masters in electronics or related fields – at least two years into the degree.

Experience with electronic design software (Altium, Eagle, OrCad or similar), as well as good electronics debugging skills. In general, we like working with people who have a hands-on approach.

You like to work in a team context with other departments (mechanical, systems, product design and sales) and have a passion for communication in a technical environment. You have a sense for initiative and responsibility combined with a solution-oriented mindset.

Fluency in English.


Good design electronics practices – building simulations (LTSpice, PSPICE), verifying design by prototyping, skills in soldering and re-work.

Systems engineering skills (defining requirements, architectures, procedures and testing documentation).

• One person
• 3-6 months

• Veo is gearing up and for that needs a highly attractive and engaging website, consistent and clear communication on social networks to show the company in the best light.

• Responsible to drive communication on our digital platforms, you will develop content and provide creative ideas for our LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.
• You will be responsible for developing and implementing a marketing and communication strategy and plan

• Create impactful and effective tools and content for our target audiences on our website, social media networks, and offline, like presentations, product guides, leaflets, videos.
• Continuously monitor and optimize the LinkedIn and Twitter accounts
• Support the team with projects, day to day activities and ad hoc requests

• Existing website, company presentation and brochures
• Contacts with the team to build on your understanding of the product.

• Communication plan for the next year or more
• Updated brochures of products
• Updates website
• A standard reporting tool for the audience that has been engaged with

• Fluent English
• Very good knowledge of Microsoft Office
• You have a passion for communication in a technical environment
• You dare to take initiative and want to get things done
• You are self-confident and business-driven

Send us your CV:

• One person
• 3-6 months

• VEO is designing & developing space technologies for satellite, launch vehicles, cargo vehicles in space and space stations. The company has infused these technologies into multiple products & services that are now offered to government and commercial customers. These products & services are high value added offerings which specification shall constantly be iterated with customers, which features shall be discussed and validated by end-users.

• You will be responsible for market intelligence, market segmentation & analysis
• Reporting to the Key account Manager (KAM), you will participate in executing strategic plans of brands to develop category sales. You will also participate in the development of the short, medium- and long-term market shares of your clients.
• You will support customer validation and commercial proposal preparation
• You will support pricing & customer communication strategies

• You will be responsible for competitive intelligence, gathering information on customers need, market trends & competition. You will update the company business plan together with the CEO and advise on possible sales strategies with the sales team
• You will support the KAM with the evolution of your customers’ performances and you recommend suitable action plans.
• You will help manage promotional operations.
• You will create the launch material for new products.
• You are given responsibility for specific projects for your clients.
• You can be in direct contact with our customers.

• When you are recruited at VEO, it is because we have a real mission for you.
• You receive a real training program directly from the founders and will be in daily contact with the CEO who overlooks the commercial & financial strategies
• You will develop a good knowledge of the space market, the typical products & services offering on that market for satellites, launch vehicle or other platforms. You will gain firsthand experience on “how to do business in the new space environment”.
• You join a start-up company in which the working atmosphere is friendly and highly dynamic
• You will be integrated with the technical team who will be iterating with to understand further the products & services.
• Students in their final year may have the possibility to be offered a job in the UK or Belgium

• Student at a business school, you show autonomy and organizational skills
• You have a sensibility for high value-added technical product
• You have shown to be disciplined and like analyzing
• You have good interpersonal skills and like to work in teams
• You are fluent in English
• Very good knowledge of Microsoft Office
• You have a passion for communication in a technical environment
• You dare to take initiative and want to get things done
• You are self-confident and business-driven
• You have an interest in space, space technology, or space exploration

Send us your CV: