First CMG In-Orbit Data

14 November 2023

TODAY marks - by far - the most important day in the history of VEOWARE space. 🎉 🥂 Our team is over the moon to share in-orbit data of the first micro Control Moment Gyroscope (0.7Nms) ever launched and tested in space! 🚀

For two decades now, spy satellites have been the only ones with access to such technology. It took us seven years but now we say "no more!". We are ready to change the SmallSat industry. 🚀 CMGs can turn any spacecraft into the most capable machine one can have to image the Planet. 🦾 With the agility they bring, CMGs more than double the productivity of each satellite, resulting in more data capturing, better state-of-the-art image collections and more time to downlink data. And all of this combined with fine pointing accuracy resulting in even better image quality. This is a true gamechanger! 🛰️

And it gets better: we foresee significant cost savings and reduced environmental impact for upcoming Earth Observation constellations. 🌎 Why? With VEOWARE technology on board, you can just achieve more with even less satellites.📈

👉 Check our Press Release including graphs on recent tests we have done.

👉 Reach out if you are interested to learn more and talk about satellite productivity:

🙏 Special thanks to European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency (EISMEA) and D-Orbit for supporting us making this mission a success!